Full accounting services, personnel management, audit. Full accounting services mean that you don’t have to think about accounting management but all the source documents have to be delivered to our offices timely.
Preparation of tax reports and submission to SRS
Calculation of employee salaries, calculation of salary taxes and deposits. A job can be paid differently but nowadays the most popular way is non-cash.
Preparing Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Statement … The profit and loss account (PLS) is a statement of financial statements that, together with the balance sheet, reflects the financial ratios of the company for the financial year.
Preparation and submission of statistical reports as needed
Gada pārskata sagatavošana
The foundation of Ltd – fast, professional and 100% guarantee. All documents for the foundation of Ltd are prepared with 100% accuracy. Find out more now.
We deal with insolvency issues of both natural and legal persons. We will undertake all the exhausting and complicated insolvency procedures, at the end of which you will receive a complete, officially certified freedom from payment obligations.
Residence permit in Latvia; consultations, documents … and, finally, the preparation and submission of documents for residence permits …
Accounting counselling makes it possible to avoid mistakes made in the reporting dossiers and to reduce the possibility of dealing with problems with public authorities.

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We offer


The computerized, visual and systematic accounting of the company

Representation of the company

Preparation of all necessary reports and representation of the company in the SRS


Accounting and tax consulting

Lower maintenance costs

Tax calculation and planning (in the workplace, no sick leave, leave, employee training and upgrading)


You will greatly save time and money

Professional service

Latest legislative activities

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